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Before Jaan London, its history and origins transcends the UK and is a byproduct of Punjab Textiles. It was Haji Jaan Mohammed and his eldest son Sattar who initially laid the foundations of establishing Punjab Textiles from Nairobi, Kenya to London, UK. Throughout the 1970s-1990s, Punjab Textiles had become one of the most prominent fabric retail and wholesaler.

Upon joining the family business, Bubli expanded the business introducing Jaan London's first catwalk showcasing innovated designs.

Bubli Malik, the founder of Jaan London, has made it his mission to ensure each of his brides enjoys the process of choosing the right outfit, feeling confident and looking incredible. Trained at the London School of Fashion, Bubli has had the pleasure of styling brides for more than two decades - and the Jaan London brand is one of the original names in British Asian designer wear.

Bubli knows very well how important a unique look is but more importantly, the comfort to go with it. Maybe you want to make a bold statement, or you want to tread the delicate line between traditional and contemporary - you know what you want but can't quite explain it.

Bubli appreciates this and will work with you patiently - taking notes and offering expert advice and ideas - to ensure your every fashion whim is catered for and the final result is nothing less than perfections itself.

Jaan London's made to measure service by Bubli Malik promises to create the ultimate garment – in any size, shape, cut and colour your heart aspires. The 'his & her' collection service is at the cutting edge of Asian haute couture. The current trend in fashion is for the bride & groom to co-ordinate a look. We can incorporate the bride's embroidery into the groom's outfit, whether it's on the suit or the detailing, such as waistcoat, ties or cravats. With this level of service and attention to detail, the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

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